Hello, World! I'm Sweeper. This is me, on Stack Overflow.
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Here is my blog about writing answers on Stack Overflow! These are my tags! (Generated by myTagOverflow)
Here are some of my great answers on Stack Overflow!
And some great questions I asked!
I have been learning Japanese recently, so here's me on Japanese SE:
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Here are my iOS apps!

(Note that some icons may be inaccurate. They are the icons that I decided to use in future updates.)

Pocket Cheque Helper EZDiary - My Diary CusTimer LongLatMap 城跡单 Simply Blocks Not Really Color Blind? Directional Snake TZoney Pushy Squares Business Card Helper Color Bible Math Toolbox Free Question Queuer
Here is my only Android app!

I used to have more, but they got removed from Google Play :(

Check Helper

If you have any questions about my apps, contact me here! You can now donate to me!

I also wrote something about timezones. You can read it here.