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I code in C#...
public class Gift {
    private object stuffInside;

    public Gift(object stuffInside) {
        this.stuffInside = stuffInside;

    public object Open() {
        return stuffInside;

    public void SendTo(string person) {
        Console.WriteLine($"I sent the present to {person}");


Console.WriteLine("Hey there!");
Console.WriteLine("I got a present for you!");
var present = new Gift(stuffInside: "Have a nice day!");
and Java...
public class Gift {
    private Object stuffInside;

    public Gift(Object stuffInside) {
        this.stuffInside = stuffInside;

    public Object open() {
        return stuffInside;

    public void sendTo(String person) {
        System.out.println("I sent the present to " + "person");
System.out.println("Hey there!");
System.out.println("I got a present for you!");
Gift present = new Gift("Have a nice day!");
and Swift.
open class Gift {
    private var stuffInside: AnyObject

    open init(stuffInside: AnyObject) {
        self.stuffInside = stuffInside

    open func opened() -> AnyObject {
        return stuffInside

    open func send(to person: String) {
        print("I sent the present to \(person)")
print("Hey there!")
print("I got a present for you!")
let present = Gift(stuffInside: "Have a nice day!")
present.send(to: "you")
I know some python as well.
class Gift:
    def __init__(self, stuff_inside):
        self.stuff_inside = stuff_inside
    def open():
        return self.stuff_inside
    def send_to(person):
        print("I sent the present to", person)
print("Hey there!")
print("I got a present for you!")
present = Gift("Have a nice day!")
I am currently learning Haskell!
-- Various attempts at FizzBuzz
fizzbuzz x =
    if x `mod` 3 == 0 || x `mod` 5 == 0 then
        (if x `mod` 3 == 0 then "fizz" else "") ++ (if x `mod` 5 == 0 then "buzz" else "")
    else show x

fizzbuzz' x
    | x `mod` 3 == 0 && x `mod` 5 == 0 = "fizzbuzz"
    | x `mod` 3 == 0 = "fizz"
    | x `mod` 5 == 0 = "buzz"
    | otherwise  = show x

fizzbuzz'' x
    | divisibleBy3 && divisibleBy5 = "fizzbuzz"
    | divisibleBy3 = "fizz"
    | divisibleBy5 = "buzz"
        divisibleBy3 = x `mod` 3 == 0
        divisibleBy5 = x `mod` 5 == 0
Here are my Android apps!

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Here are my iOS apps!

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Pocket Cheque Helper EZCurrencies Math Toolbox - Full Version Math Toolbox Free Color Bible iEnglish EZDiary - My Diary CusTimer LongLatMap Simply Blocks Not Really Color Blind? Directional Snake TZoney Pushy Squares

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